A blog is born

It was this picture that did it.

Every time I look at it, I want to cry (and sometimes do). Because he is so big. And every day he gets bigger and more amazing and says funnier things such as “But why are there sharks in there?” totally unprompted when looking at a huge rain puddle. When I reassured him that there were, in fact, no sharks, he pondered this for a moment, and said “But maybe there’s fish?” It was hopeful and optimistic and sweet in a way that is so very Elijah Bean.

That picture meant I had to start this blog that I’ve been talking about starting since he was about a year old. So, here it is: the blog’s beginning (and hopefully not the middle and end as well). I would love to share some good Remy news with you…keep your fingers crossed that our girl comes home soon. Or else I might just have to find someone else’s lip to suck on.

Elijah had a great first week at his new school (minus the first two mildly traumatic drop-offs). Two out of the three days I picked him up, he was barefoot, which basically says, “Mommy, I was having so much fun, my shoes came off at some point, and I have no idea where they are!” Which is EXACTLY what I want from a preschool.

We’ll be spending the next week or so decorating Remy’s room, going on a peach picking outing, and having some family playtime since Joe is on vacation next week. Oh and baking and eating a LOT of things that look like variations on this:

(It’s a peach blackberry crumble). I’m trying out a corn ice cream recipe as well as some others for Inhabitots. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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1 Response to A blog is born

  1. Aliza says:

    Yay! I’ve been waiting excitedly for this, and if the first post is a sign of what’s to come, consider me THERE! Congrats!

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